12 Tips for Raising a Prophetic Child (Pt. 2) 7-12

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7. Don’t limit their creativity. Proverbs 22:29

The worst thing you can do for a prophetic child is try to control or “box in” their creativity. This can leave lasting emotional damage and keep them stifled for years.  God is creative! Do not place unreasonable limitations on your child and give them the opportunity to creatively express themselves. Even if it initially doesn’t make sense to you give them room to feel that they can trust you not to judge them. God uses creatives to change the world!

8. Encourage them to share what they feel God is speaking to them about. 1 Samuel 3:15-21

This serves as another component to not limiting or stifling the creativity of your child. As a child I remember keenly hearing the voice of God on certain things and not having the courage to share. Children will not always communicate on our level, however under the power of the Holy Spirit they can clearly convey messages from God. Believe it or not, your prophetic child can even help preserve you from eminent danger.

9. Don’t pressure them to take on things that conflict with who God has created them to be. Proverbs 22:6

The word of God is simple for me. Train up a child in the way that HE should go. Not the way that you want him/her to go. Sometimes we compare our life experiences to that of our children and try to train them according to what we have learned and the way that we were raised. In doing all of this we fail to remember that our kids ARE NOT US! This helps your child in the area of identity. Can you imagine how many adults would be confident in their own God given identity if our parents took the time to pray about it while we were growing up? For me, my prayer has been that God would show me the needs of each child and help me to raise them the way He would have for me to raise them. I dedicated them back to Him and then began to consult Him on the needs of each child. Remember train them up in the way that THEY should go!

10. Foster an environment that encourages devotion to God. Deuteronomy 6:7

I grew up in a home that was devoted to God. I understood the importance of prayer because we prayed together weekly as a family. My husband and I are now doing the same thing with our children. Even as an adult I still value the importance of prayer and devotion time with God.

11. Be a safe place. Galatians 3:16

I often think about what I was faced with as a teen, and how I never really felt comfortable sharing with my parents what I dealt with emotionally. As a parent today, I have made it a point to be a safe place for my children. Now this doesn’t mean that bad behavior and poor decisions are encouraged. This simply means that we want our children to know that when things go wrong, no matter the consequence, we are here to admonish and SUPPORT them. We bear their burdens and cover them in prayer. They understand that sometimes discipline will be a part of that conversation, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t TALK to us.

12. Don’t provoke them to anger. Ephesians 6:4                                     

No one likes an angry prophet! LOL. Listen, provoking your kids to anger for me doesn’t mean you have to walk on eggshells with your kid. For me this expression carries more than one connotation. The word provoke also means to stimulate or arouse. Sometimes encouraging their anger at other individuals or expressing your anger in front of them will nurture an atmosphere that impart such behaviors to your child. My daughter was always sensitive to my feelings and when I would get angry with another individual and express that anger in front of her, I was provoking her to anger. She would be angry because I was angry. Yes, we are to be mindful that we are not being mean and harsh to our kids, but we must also watch the ways and manners in which we express our frustrations in their presence.


And there we have it! 12 tips in raising your prophetic child! Pray over these and study them. My prayer is that from this, you will seek God for the tools you need in raising your spiritually gifted child. Some of you may say, “ Well, I don’t think my child is prophetic”. And that’s fine. You should still be seeking the Lord on how to raise them anyway. Because they are His, and they ARE gifted whether you see it yet or not!


Until next time moms!

12 Tips for Raising a Prophetic Child (Pt. 1) 1-6

Hey moms!!

As the mother of a very prophetic child….I am only sharing what I have learned over the years by way of Holy Spirit. I never proclaim to be the expert, but, I can share what I’ve learned, right? I hope this blesses someone!

Part one of 12 tips for raising a prophetic child…

1. Don’t Isolate them.

Prophets often have a different view of the world that causes them to see the world differently from their peers. That alone, can be a very lonely feeling. In our efforts to protect (shelter) them from the cruelty often dished out by peers at church and school, we may inadvertently isolate our gifted child. There is a certain level of exposure that is essential for your child’s proper maturation. Community is healthy for a number of reasons. Accountability, growth, strength, and friendship is important for your prophetic child having a balanced life. Hebrews 10:25, Proverbs 18:1

  1. Listen closely.

Growing up as a prophetic teen and a PK, I knew all to well how it felt to go unheard. Because I did not have language for my experiences, I grew up assuming that seeing and hearing was my norm. I never shared what I saw, because no one “listened” enough to help me understand that this was a gift and that I was being called into ministry. By the time my now 13-year old daughter, grew up and began to have similar experiences at the ages of 3 and 4, I instinctively made a decision to learn more about the prophetic and to teach her how to recognize and discern the voice of God. 1 Samuel 3:1-10

  1. Teach them the importance of prayer.

As a child, I was groomed to know and understand the importance and principles of prayer. Prayer was my foundation and a staple in my parents’ household. How effectively can we convey the messages of heaven, without constant communication with God? It is truly a gift to see and hear but, it is vital to maintain a close relationship with God. This can only be done through a devoted prayer life and time of worship. Set aside time for family prayer and encourage your child(ren) to pray on their own, even for small things. Deuteronomy 6:5-9

  1. Promote the importance of healthy balances.

I’m grateful for the exposure that my daughter has gotten to the prophetic and even the opportunities to use and exercise her gifts. It has given her so much more confidence in who she is and who she’s created to be in this world. However, your child needs to be able to enjoy the experiences of childhood. We do allow her to have time with her friends, but we monitor her relationships closely. We make sure that they are healthy and positive influences, and we often allow her to choose what she likes to participate in outside of church. We even allow her to choose music (from an approved list of artists) and tv shows. I have found that creating an open environment will encourage her to make her own choices. 1 Corinthians 13:11

  1. Teach them how to establish boundaries.

I did not learn how important boundaries were until I hit my 30’s….let’s just say it’s harder at 30 than it is at 10 or 12! I have gradually begun to teach all of our children that it is very possible to have healthier friendships with boundaries. Everyone does not have the capacity to handle what’s inside of you and it is important that we are mindful about the spaces, the timing, and the individuals, that we entrust with our humanity. This is not an excuse to make your child suspicious of everyone that comes into their lives. It’s meant to help them determine the levels of friendship and maintain healthy long-lasting friendships. Too much of anything is never good. Proverbs 25:17

  1. Encourage them to journal their experiences.

Now this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I have found that writing out prophetic dreams and visions has been the driving forces to me getting insight about who I am or important messages that God is trying to reveal to me. My child has also found this to be revelatory for her as well. She keeps a pen and pad handy and notes on her cell phone to help her keep track of how far she has come, and important information as it pertains to her future. I also find it therapeutic at times, to simply just write what I believe Holy Spirit is saying to me in each season. Habakuk 2:2

What they don’t want you to know….

Hey mommas!!! I hope you’ve been practicing resting lately!

So if you read my latest post, I have been talking about rest and the importance of taking breaks for yourself. Rest/Taking breaks is essential for spiritual and mental rejuvenation. And for my deep sisters, we must remember that rest is ordained by God and He even knew when to “rest”. Anywho, I’m no scientist …but I do understand the importance of allowing my mind, body, spirit to recharge.

So let’s get to my topic for this week. As a kid, my assumption was that my mom never got tired. She did it all. She was momma, wife, First Lady, intercessor, employee, coworker, sister, and friend….and MOST OF ALL DRAINED!  You know looking back at this list, that was WAYYYY TOO MUCH. Our expectations of her were unfair and unrealistic. My mother never took time out for herself, and because she never established those boundaries…everyone assumed she was fine. I’ll never forget the day I almost lost her. She had an aneurism during a church service one Sunday. Truth is she was burned out and her blood pressure was through the roof. How did this happen? Simple. Momma was the super hero. She was “supposed” to be all those things, so she quietly suffered while we kept pouring it on.

Here’s the truth….

We as women wear multiple hats because God has graced us to be “carriers”. But just as we need rest in the natural while carrying our children, we also need to rest our minds and physical bodies.

So, that seems easy right? When you’re tired just stop and take a break? Why allow yourself to be worn down? We should love ourselves better? Right? For some of us, it really isn’t that simple. While there are many factors that come in to play here, at what point does self-sacrifice become unhealthy? And Why do we allow this?

This isn’t going to feel good…but let’s be real. Most mother’s don’t want people to know how they REALLY feel.

Vulnerability is frowned upon and often labeled as a weakness. So in pride, some will mask their humanity to appear strong. For others, it’s the addiction to being needed. An individual can feel obligated to be the person that everyone needs because it makes them feel important. For others, it’s simply a learned behavior. In single parent households where mom had no choice but to be everything she possibly be to her children, we assume the role of being “everything” to “everyone”.  In no way shape or form are we to ever measure our self-worth on who needs you neither should we stand in the position to be someone’s “everything”! Including your kids. Your responsibility is to parent them, train them, love them, and RELEASE THEM. You are not their friend, spouse, and savior. Don’t allow these things to trick you into being more than what you have the capacity to be or into doing so much without coming up for air. Remember, God gives rest to those He loves! Momma you are LOVED by God! And your rest is a sign of wisdom not weakness.

Let’s let this one marinate and catch up again real soon! Don’t miss out on the chance to subscribe to this blog and follow me on IG @momvoice1!

The Quiet Place

Mark 6:31 New Living Translation (NLT)

31 Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.” He said this because there were so many people coming and going that Jesus and his apostles didn’t even have time to eat.

Hi Mommas!!!

After a much needed break, I am so thrilled to finally get back to blogging! This summer was rough! To God be the glory, we survived! I’ve learned so much in the past few months. One thing in particular I learned was that we all need divine rest! ( hence the title…sit tight I’m going somewhere with this…)

The boo and I had an amazing first and second quarter with our businesses. As we entered the summer, things began to slow down and spiritually, we were experiencing an increased level of warfare. In most seasons like this Jay and I typically respond with prayer and fasting, however, this time was different. We were just tired. Matter of fact, I remember telling God, that very thing in prayer. “Lord, I am just tired. I don’t want to go through this…not now…”

With each passing day, I struggled mentally, emotionally, and physically to make sound decisions, pray, and parent. I am so grateful to the mother’s and sisters that prayed us through during that season. I am pleased and grateful to say that God met us with tremendous breakthrough in the season that would follow. In my prayer time I began to reflect on what we had been going through. We had been working for so long trying to play catch up, fighting through seasons of sickness, financial droughts, emotional trauma, and never took the time to REST! We were always working, talking to someone, praying with someone, dealing with the kids, dealing with health issues, until we looked up and two years had gone by! We were DRAINED. As my life shifted, I began to do what was necessary to maintain MY peace. Unbeknownst to me, there were several moms I communicated with that were dealing with the same issue.  Moms we have got to understand that rest is essential for growth and continued development. With that in mind, I didn’t find it strange that Jesus encouraged His disciples to rest. They had been ministering to the people and were starving and exhausted. Jesus sensed this and encouraged them to accompany Him to a “quiet place” where they could get their nourishment and proper rest. As mothers we pour out DAILY!  But it is definitely the intentions of God for us to be replenished! We must have a place to pour from…and if we are empty, we have nothing to give. God’s word says that He gives rest to those that He loves. (Psalms 127:2) Abiding in the presence of God equips us for the pour and this requires us to retreat to the “quiet place”.  It was in my quiet place Holy Spirit gave me the strength and rejuvenation I needed to keep going. He gave me new strategies for motherhood, business, work, and my marriage. I want to spend time talking about this in my next couple of blog posts. In the meantime, ladies if you are feeling depleted and drained, take time to rediscover the things that help you unwind. Spend less time on the phone and more time focusing on God, yourself, and your families. Enjoy the moment, even when things are rough. It will alleviate the pressures of current struggles, allow you to create lasting memories with your little ones. I pray that this post and the ones to come will help place things into perspective for you! Until next time moms….

The Perfectly Imperfect Mom

Hey Moms!

I struggled with writing this post and things have been pretty rough for me lately. Frustration had gotten the best of me over the past couple of weeks. Truth is, motherhood really should have a blue print with all of the short cuts and ways to become the “perfect” momma…but honey it doesn’t!! There are some days, that I struggle with keeping up. Between menu ideas, balancing entrepreneurship, and managing a household of seven, my days don’t always flow the way I desire them to flow. I have been asking God for grace and of course new techniques, but that doesn’t stop the occasional moments of feeling defeated. Especially when your youngest has fully undressed himself in a public restroom and sees no problem with exposing himself to strangers in his efforts to locate “tissue”.  (True story….I promise I can’t make up the stuff that happens with my family! ) As I struggled to get this post out, Holy Spirit began to comfort me and remind me that perfection is the goal you strive for and if it’s not achieved there’s grace to cover us in those moments! Social media and other media outlets are great for causing us to focus on the “wins” and highlighted successes of others, but the hard work, frustration, losses, and processes are rarely noted or recognized. Because of this, we fall into traps of comparison, and feelings of inadequacy, when the fact of the matter is, NONE OF US ARE PERFECT! If I didn’t experience the dark hours and live through them, how can I be effective in my efforts to pour into my sisters?! I have resolved that the sole purpose of each difficulty is for God to get the glory, and for me to be a blessing to someone else! Another great factor is remembering to laugh and be joyful when things get difficult! Count it all joy! (James 1:2-3). I ruined dinner a few nights ago. And when I say ruined…sis..I MEAN RUINED! It was an epic fail to a new recipe! However, I laughed all the way to the pizza place, because when it’s all said and done. The kids had dinner and survived another day of summer. Don’t put an unnecessary amount of pressure on yourself to be “ON” ALL THE TIME! That’s not realistic and definitely not going to be the case. And the best part is that’s okay! Don’t allow your frustrations to speak louder than the voice of God over your life and family. Be perfectly imperfect mom! Welp! That’s all I have for today ladies. I’ll be back soon!